A cozy open space, connected to a patio. 55" SMART TV, Nintendo, Homely decor, 6 seat dining set. There is also a closet in this area which holds the iron. ironing board, vacuum, broom, mop, extra hangers, plastic organizers and space for hanging coats.

We truly want this to feel like your home away from home, from our common area layouts and trendy decor to our acts of gratitude. It is our goal to make sure that you're getting a great nights rest at Aviator's Place. Our mattresses are brand new plush top of the line. We provide kitchenware and basic cooking necessities, space organizers. It is the expectation (per the signed agreement) that everyone will maintain a clean and comfortable environment as a courtesy to others sharing the space.


As a long time crash pad resident, I understand that kitchen organization is essential. There are areas of open and assigned storage in the pantry and fridge. We will also be adding another fridge. No one should be storing weeks/months worth of produce and freezer items. 


There are two full bathrooms (one in each bedroom) and one half bathroom on the main floor. Both bathrooms have towel hooks on the door and storage space under the sink for toilet paper and cleaning supplies.


There are 2 Master Bedrooms. One all Female, 1 Co-Ed with an additional room divider installed. Both bedrooms have six beds and two closets with predetermined spaces according to bunk letter. There is A TON of free extra storage space in the basement. All beds are brand new and have fully enclosed protective covers on them.